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Providence Hoodie Review

It is finally done! This sweater has taken about 1.5 years, off and on. I started this at Wool Gathering back in 2018, knitting this heavy, rustic wool sweater on one of the hottest days that month, in a sweltering tent. I then apparently misplaced it when we moved the following April, having done the body up to the armpits, and one sleeve.

Sometime this past August or September, I was looking for a new project to cast on. While I was flipping through my copy of New England Knits, I came to this pattern, and realized it looked awfully familiar. So familiar….oh. Right. I had already started it! So, with some on and off work, it is FINALLY off the needles! So, here is my official pattern and yarn review.

The pattern itself is well written – the design and construction aren’t challenging, and so it is a good project for someone who doesn’t want to do a whole lot of in-depth thinking. That being said, it is almost entirely moss stitch, which is tedious. Part of the reason this took me so long to knit is because I just could not handle that much continuous moss stitch, and frequently put it down to work on something a bit less annoying. 

The braided band along the bottom was a fun and fairly easy knit, and looked awesome. This part made me a bit nervous, as I had a hard time telling if it was actually long enough to fit around my body with a button band. That wasn’t something I could easily go back and lengthen.

I’m also not thrilled with the hood. I followed the pattern exactly, however the hood isn’t functional, at least for me, and I don’t have a large head. It doesn’t fully cover my head, or feel wide enough. It seems to be more decorative, and for me, if the hood isn’t functional, I would have rather not knit it. 

The yarn is some Donegal Tweed that I was given as a gift from family who traveled to Ireland a few years ago. It’s a fairly rustic feeling, tweedy yarn, and it’s a dense yarn, so I do have concerns about how heavy this sweater will be upon wearing. The yarn wasn’t unpleasant to knit with, but I will definitely be wearing this sweater over a long sleeved shirt, unless it softens up a bit more with washing. It’s got a great texture though, and I do think was the perfect choice for this moss stitch and braid. I love the combination of the yarn and pattern, overall.

Providence Hoodie in donegal tweed side view
Providence Hoodie in donegal tweed side view



The buttons are from Stitch Your Art Out, in Pine Grove, PA. These are adorable buttons, 1 ¼” in diameter, and the perfect finish for this sweater!

And finally, this sweater lived most of its life in one my newer Grace Bags. I did learn however, that I apparently need to make an oversize tote for  ridiculous sized projects. Ha!



Overall, this was an enjoyable, if lengthy, knit. I probably won’t ever make it again, but I will enjoy wearing it!

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