Seal Pattern Pocket

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The Pattern Pocket is a handy tool for storing and viewing your in-progress knitting patterns. The clear vinyl pocket stores multiple sheets of paper easily, and enables you to read and follow your pattern without having to remove it. The unique design folds in half and fits in most bags for easy portability, and can be snapped in a reverse position, creating a built-in stand so that you don’t have to keep leaning over the table to read your pattern.

The clear vinyl window allows you to use highlighter tape or wet erase markers to mark up and follow your pattern.

The Pattern Pocket is made from 100% cotton fabric, lined to provide stabilization, and closes with a heavy-duty snap.

Additional videos and images show how the Pocket functions, and are not representative of the fabric in this specific listing.

Dimensions:  Approximately 12 inches x 9 inches open. When folded it’s approximately 9 inches x 6 inches, and 1″ thick.