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November Project Review

I’m trying to make this at least a monthly thing – we will see if this keeps up through the winter. This month’s review is a bit different though, because there was no pattern.

Two years ago, I bought some bulky yarn from Youghiogheny Yarns in the “Autumnal Woods” colorway with the goal of knitting a hat for myself. Of course, there is lots of yarn, and lots of projects, and the yarn fell to the back of a bin after a while. In getting ready for our big family Disney trip though, I needed something simple to work on during the plane ride – especially since I would be sitting with my very active 3 year old, and figured focus wasn’t going to be in ample supply.

I searched all over Ravelry for a pattern that matched what I wanted, but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Isn’t that the hardest part, having a visualization, but nothing exists that matches it?

So, I set out to knit the hat I wanted. Overall, a hat isn’t too terribly difficult, so I wasn’t too worried about this mental pattern being a challenge. For this hat, I cast on 58 stitches, and did 8 rows in a 2×2 ribbing, before going into a seed stitch, with one 5×5 cable. (ta-da! You have a free hat pattern!). This was cast on while sitting in the airport and waiting for our flight, and was great entertainment! It also fit great in a small project bag, which helped with trying to limit the size of our travel items.

knitting at galaxy's edge
hat project while waiting at star wars galaxy’s edge
handknit with project bag
knitting at the airport


This hat went so fast, and I LOVED working with the yarn. I knit until it “felt” like it was tall enough, then started my crown shaping to close the top. I wove in the ends, wore the hat for a week…and realized it was NOT long enough. So last week I ripped out all the decrease rounds, knit another eight-ish rounds, THEN started the crown shaping. THIS was definitely long enough, and I love how this hat fits and feels! It’s not a slouchy hat, and not overly stretchy because of the seed stitch.

All that’s left is to make a pom for the top with the remaining yarn, then a nice photo shoot!

bb8 knitting project
knitting at disney world waiting for bb8

This month, I’m working on my husband’s long overdue Christmas stocking. I highly doubt it will be completed by Christmas Day, but it’s worth a shot. What holiday knitting are you working on?

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