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Finished! And….What do I do now?

I am not sure how it is where you live, but here in PA things are warming up! (and then cooling off, and warming back up, and….) Spring always brings on a pretty intense startitis for me to begin with, but I feel like the social distancing/quarantine has amplified it this season. 

Last post, I shared a review of the Providence Hoodie and Donegal Tweed yarn. This sweater has been perfect for cool evenings around the campfire! With that off my needles, I turned my attention to my New Years Day Cast-On, my Elegant Ribbed Socks, pattern by Anne Budd Favorite Socks knit in Flying Fibers Yorkshire Medley yarn.

Elegant ribbed socks by Anne Budd from “My Favorite Socks.” Knit with Yorkshire Medley from Flying Fibers

These socks are a wonderful blend of soft and durable, and I love how the colors pooled here. I just need to find the right shade of ribbon for the tops, and they are all set for wearing! Of course, it’s already too warm for these….oh well.

So now, I’m working on finishing my pair of plain stockinette socks for my mom – these are one of those “backup” projects for when I need something mindless, or a filler between more interesting projects.

So now, I am down to almost no WIPs, and I am dying to start about 1,000 different new projects! I keep staring at all my pattern books and magazines, unable to decide what to make first. I look at my stash and see yarns that were bought for specific projects, but can’t move to get any wound and ready to knit.

I want to start all the things, and yet I can’t bring myself to start anything. That’s a bit how my entire life feels, right now. There’s so much I should be doing as I am spending more and more time at home, with less travel and less outside obligations, and yet I just….can’t. 

Plus, summer always ends up in me setting a project down for a while, anyway. I don’t want to cast on a bulky sweater, because in a house with no A/C, it won’t be touched from July to late September. My go-to is shawls, but I haven’t found a shawl pattern I just have to make lately, and I hate single skein patterns. I could do socks, but I just finished up two pairs, and really don’t feel like working on a third.

So…..what’s left? What do I make next? Do I start another small project, so that if I ever go anywhere again, I can throw my project bag in my purse and go? Or do I start an at-home project, that lives in it’s bag on the coffee table to work on whenever I am relaxing in the evening?

How do you decide what to start, when you are too paralyzed to begin?

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2 thoughts on “Finished! And….What do I do now?

  1. Socks are my go to for mindless knitting when I can’t concentrate on anything else, plain ribbed socks. But, I just finished the Angle of Repose shawl and it was a fine thing to pick up and knit with just a little thinking. I used a WooSheeps gradient kit and knitted almost the entirety of it, about 1000 meters. I’m starting a Homecoming sweater, but only because I’ve got A/C.

    1. ooooh, I had been looking at that shawl! I just finished up two pairs of socks, and I’m a bit tired of small needles. A shawl could be fun, though, and not too intense for summer knitting.

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