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Now with Blogging!

Ok, so I have a bit of a learning curve with this website format. Who knew I could set it up to have a blog section?! Not me!

While I will still have my personal blog, I do want to start putting my less personal posts over here, with the shop. One stop shopping for everyone!

So, what to write about on the inaugural blog post? How about my first trunk show this past weekend? Sounds good!

Little Owls Knit Shop in Camp Hill, Pa graciously let me use their front patio to host a trunk show on Saturday. Currently, the shop only carries my small bag line, so I used this as an opportunity to showcase the full range of bags- small, medium and large, plus drawstring. I also introduced the brand new lines of DPN holders, Needle Rolls, and Notion Pouches. (Yes, these are all important enough to be capitalized. Because I say so.)

Check out this adorable set-up!

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Summer into Fall

2015 has been an exciting year! This past May, Rock Solid Designs participated in the 3rd annual Central PA Fiber Festival, located at the Lycoming County fairgrounds. It was so great to see new faces, and check out vendors I’ve never heard of. We can’t wait to go back in 2016!

Summer has been a busy time for RSD personally. Our family moved states, and were living in a weird limbo for a while. Because of this, not much progress was made in terms of inventory or sales. However now that we are in our home and settled down, business is back with a vengeance! Everything that has happened in the past month is in preperations for Knitters’ Day Out, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. This will be our debut as a vendor at this event, and we are once again splitting our booth with Spencer Hill Dyeing. We will have new bags, new fabrics, and new patterns available, so if you plan on attending the event, please stop by our booth and check us out!

And some lovely photos of CPFF 2015:

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