About Us

Welcome to Rock Solid Designs!

I started this business back in 2013 because I was curious how it would be to have a business. I was an avid knitter, and I knew how to sew, and I figured this could be a fun adventure. 6 years later and we have scaled from me at my sewing machine to hiring local and not-local moms to sew, to now working with a local manufacturer to produce all the products you know and love!

While I may not do all of the sewing anymore, I still choose all the fabrics, design all the products, and run all the marketing, packaging, emails, and shows myself. I have met so many amazing people through this business, and cannot wait to continue meeting awesome crafters and seeing how these bags help them create cozy wraps and works of art.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line at: stephanie@rocksolid.design